I’d forgotten that I don’t really enjoy commercial flying – but it has been since ’97 that I flew… so I guess I’m excused.

But flying is the way to go to visit family in California from the Midwest. They pack you on like cattle (Southwest), but your luggage gets to go with you!

And on the connecting flight to Midway, Chicago – which is already a really short skip – I met a nice older guy, who bought cocktails for me and the woman between us; I was at the window.

Thanks David and Tanya, for making that one easy! We had a nice chat.

I was thinking, looking out the window, when we took off how amazing it is that man’s come so far with flight and all that “wow” jazz. Then, as we landed, all I could think about was how broad and terrible man’s mark was on the earth. That was a little depressing.

It didn’t help that we sat on the connecting flight for about 1.5 hours before take off, with the pilot lying to us at first, saying we would be landing early. He finally told us we would be late when we took off…blah!

The people were nice on the Frisco flight too, (a woman from Philly near the window, and a 12 year old girl doing her homework in the middle), it was just long and my stomach was complaining that it really didn’t like the atmosphere and the pressure and the sudden jerking.

I much prefer the small planes that only seat a few, but I don’t think I can afford one of those…

But I got here and Andrew was waiting with Lou to pick me up. Kudos to him for being there so late, when he had work in the morning. That was awesome.

And poor Risa is pregnant and hanging in there like a trooper. No matter what anyone says growing a baby (and worse growing two!) is some of the hardest work there is. They should make a show to stress it – kind of like “The Dirtiest Job” or some such reality show…