on the Orient Express

I’m watching a Masterpiece Theater special: “David Suchet on the Orient Express”. David Suchet plays Agatha Christie’s famous character Poirot. He followed the famous trip as inspiration for playing that character.

It’s actually really interesting to see how popular the train and trip still is. The elegance following in the footsteps of the 1930s. The dressing for sumptuous dinners and the Grand Tour style destinations of Paris, Venice, Munich, Budapest, Istanbul… there are a few different lines to choose from.

There are many stories to go with the many different cars that have graced the name Orient Express. Some of the cars were in use when Agatha Christie traveled. The snowed in train car that inspired Christie’s novel. The train was bombed in the Great War. Hitler had a brothel car on it, for his officers (“a shame” as Suchet said).

The crew and manager all look like they work very hard to act up to the standards of dignified gracefulness that embodies what travel was (and apparently is) on the famous sleeper train.

I can only imagine how spectacular such a trip would be – it seemed like it was a popular honeymoon and anniversary trip – which is to be expected as it is a very romantic setting –  as well as one for the “refined” adventurist.

And although I am most assuredly not someone who enjoys the dressing-up scene (give me sweats any day!), I can think of only a few, clearly-defined trips that I would like to take more than this one.

The mystery Murder on the Orient Express plays on Sunday. And I’ve been wanting to see it.  Can’t wait!