Jenner update

It’s Wednesday and Jenner is much, much better – so far.

Sunday I would have sworn we were on our way back to the vet  on Monday – possibly for the last time. I was very worried and unhappy about it, but just tried leaving the whole thing to God. I couldn’t handle it, at all.

Peggy helped alot that afternoon, when we spoke on the phone. I was very grateful to just talk it out with her.

But then on Monday, Jenner was so much better – playing and eating. He still needs to drink more and more water, but I think his antibiotics started to really work about that time.

He’s been like that for 3 days now. I’m very happy to see him so affectionate and back to wrestling with Aggie. It just wouldn’t have been the same without him around to lord over the dog and demand attention from me.

A bright “Paisley” future

I have to say that I LOVE the new(ish) Brad Paisley song “Welcome to the Future” from is American Saturday Night album.

Usually this type of song – the ones that look into our general, collective pasts and futures – are nostolgic and melancholy; wishing for the “good ol’ days”. As if those days will always be the most we can hope to obtain.

I don’t mind looking back with general fondness, but just because things are different doesn’t mean they are bad. And this song shows the optimism of that.

“Welcome to the Future” is awesome and actually what I’ve come to expect from Brad Paisley. I enjoy all his music – I can’t think of a single song that I dislike, unlike most artists, where I usually have a few songs that I don’t listen to…

Brad Paisley and Keith Urban, the only two mainstream artists that I have all of their music. I don’t even like U2 as much as these two.

Songs like Tim McGraw’s “Back When”, Bucky Covington’s “A Different World”, Rascal Flatts’ “Mayberry”, and even REM’s “End of the World as We Know It”, are all to dark for me to listen too. I don’t like looking back as if it was soooo much better back then.

But this song – “Welcome to the Future” –  it’s just so good! and upbeat and positive.


My poor Jenner-cat spent last weekend in the “hospital”. He had a “blocked urethra” which basically means he couldn’t pee.

This is really, really bad.

With the urethra blocked, the bladder fills and can’t be released. Which in turn stops the kidneys from working. Obviously this is very bad and is a cruel way to die.

And not cheap.

He spent the weekend catheterized to flush his system and came home Monday. It was a quiet, empty house that Aggie and I came home to on Sunday (we went to the parents’ once the vet said that Jenner was safe).

But the next few weeks are dangerous because he is most likely to relapse within this time. And he will have to be continually watched for this condition the rest of his life, and have special – read ‘expensive’ – food.

 One of the difficulties is getting Jenner to drink more water. Just like kidney stones in humans are mostly prevented by drinking lots of water, it helps cats for these blockages of mucus and crystals as well.

I’ve acquired saline to inject under his skin for the next week, from the vet; as well as antibiotics. Jenner’s body will absorb the saline and that will help until I figure out how to trick him into drinking more. Sticking a needle under his skin and getting a cat to hold still as a bubble of saline forms, is not easy.

I bought a drinking fountain, that filters water and is supposed to attract cats because it’s fresh and more interesting than a bowl… Yeah, Jenner’s very suspicious of it and was down right scared of it the first night.

He finally checked it out after 3 days, but it’s not “safe” yet.

It’s funny that my beast of a cat is frightened by a little trickle of water.

But I need him to drink and drink and drink.

If he doesn’t and becomes blocked again, I’m afraid I’ll be out of options.


Jim Malcom

Last night Scottish folk singer Jim Malcom was in town. I first heard him singing with the group Old Blind Dogs, a scottish group that sings celtic folk, but with jazz, blues and rock influences; a group I love.

And Jim has a beautiful voice. Most people describe it as velvet – and that’s very accurate.

Jim was in town last year and I didn’t go to the concert, but I swore I would go next time he was in town. So I did!

My brother surprised me by going with me. I’ve never noticed that he particularly enjoys celtic music, but he had a good time anyway. I don’t think he’d been to something that small before.

The concert was very small. There were 30-40 people, I guess. And people brought brownies and cookies and things. These small concerts, at least the ones I’ve been too, often have people in the audiences to bring the snackies.

Jim Malcom was very funny and great entertainment. The second half of the show he dressed in 18th century clothes and “played” Robert Burns (both acting and music). He was fantastic!

If ever you hear Jim Malcom is singing someplace near you, you should definately check it out. And buy some cds too!