One of my new favorite shows (which actually started last year) is CASTLE on ABC. It’s about a mystery writer that is “consulting” with the police. Actually he’s just using his pull with the mayor’s office to follow a detective to use her as a model for his new book character.

I really like this show; it’s so much fun and it brings back one of my favorite actors Nathan Fillion, who played Mal in FIREFLY. Another show that I really, really loved: Space cowboys! How could you go wrong?

Last night was the Halloween episode and was pretty fun. Castle even dressed in FIREFLY Mal’s costume; trying out the space-cowboy idea for Halloween. It was great to see that again.

The Halloweed episode centered on vampires, of course. What else is hot this year?

Castle is a murder mystery, so it is always sad, but this series is great with the light-hearted comedy.

“Rapture Ready!”

There was a great segment on “To the Best of Our Knowledge”, on NPR today. It’s very imforative about how outsiders see Christian Rock music. I also liked that Radosh seemed to really enjoy the Cornerstone Festival.

Here’s the blurb from the TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE website: Daniel Radosh is the author of “Rapture Ready!: Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture.” Radosh, a liberal New York secular Jew, is married to a woman whose family is born-again Christian. They took Radosh to a Christian rock festival and introduced him the world of Christian pop culture.

I also liked that there are differences in styles in different cultures, but similarities too. Recognizable and connectable similarities.

At the end of the interview, Radosh recognized the positives that Christian rock artists can teach mainstream America. The Christian aspects and beliefs that change peoples lives!

solar decathlon

I heard the competition from the Department of Energy had ended, this morning. It’s pretty cool. I look forward to having a house off the grid some day.

The one thing for me is, I’m not big into modern/contemporary architecture. I understand about needing certain designs for efficiency’s sake. But to me, contemporary designs tend to be cold and blank and boring. There has to be a balance between designing a HOME and sustainable-efficiency.

If anything, I think most of these “houses” look more like summer cottages and less like homes.

Still, the fusion of technology is very, very cool!

bad dream…

I woke up this morning with my heart pounding from a bad, bad dream:

I dreamt that I was getting my hair trimmed of dead ends, but the girl cut off 3 inches and charged me $200.

It was awful!