Spring and a young dog’s heart… or feet

I know spring is really and truly on its way when Aggie starts running further and listening less. Not that I’ve had her a terribly long time, but in the spring we tend to go through the should-I-use-the-shock-collar, or should-I-not… so far it has been “not”, but I have made her show belly a number of times when she finally comes back from chasing rabbits and deer much further than I wanted her to go. And she’s usually much more responsive to me afterward the chastisement. But I’m pretty sure that next time she’ll run just as far. The “call of the wild” 🙂 is just too much for her.

She’s back on benedryl everyday because she chews and licks her feet so much, as to develope sores and the benedryl controls the allergies. I wish I could afford to have her tested and see what it is that she’s actually allergic to, so that we can avoid it, but I just don’t have the money.

Both Aggie and Jenner have been sleeping with me lately. They haven’t done this since I first got Aggie in August ’06. Once Aggie realized she was home she started sleeping on the floor and in her beds; even on the sofa in the living room. And Jenner sleeps in a variety of places… but lately it’s been plastered against me, so I can’t move – both of them. I’m not sure why…