fishing – and good news about Piper

Yesterday was boiling hot for most people, but down by the stream it was pretty cool and actually comfortable. No wonder people seek out water to cool down in hot weather. I think we forget how to deal with problems without manmade solutions.

I was off by a month for the fly fishing lessons, so I’ll have to go back in September. Still I spent the day down there and caught my fish. It was a good day. I’m sorry that dad couldn’t go with me – it turned out he had a work meeting he couldn’t get out of. But we’re planning to do the September day despite that he’s going to a wedding that evening with mom, for friends of theirs.

Also, it turns out that Piper was adopted the same day that she became available. Which really eased my mind. I had to email them just to be sure, because I kept checking the website and never saw her picture. But now I feel better just knowing she’s been adopted.


I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this. And next week, Meremac Springs is having a “Girls Gone Fishing” day, with free fishing and fly fishing lessons. I can’t wait.

I’ve watched others actually do the fly fishing down at Meremac, but it doesn’t look a lot like “A River Runs Through It”. Still the last time I went fishing, the trout really weren’t biting anything below the surface. But they were jumping at flys and insects above the water.