So, today I get to welcome my brand new nephews Samuel and Daniel – I listed Sam first because he is the second born, which means he’ll probably always be listed second after this.

Samuel Ryo was born 16.5 inches long and 2 lbs, 15 ounces – wow! tiny! (Samuel’s on the right in the picture).

Daniel Sho was born 17 inches long and 4 lbs, 3 ounces. (Daniel’s on the left in the picture.)

They were born about 8 weeks early; small, but fully developed and don’t need much help except a Daniel needs a little oxygen to dry his lungs.

Mother and twins are doing great, despite the drama today.

I’m so glad that Risa’s sounding happy and healthy, I hope her recovery is speedy.

I wish that I could go out and see everyone now, but my parents are driving west as I write this.

So congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law for being new parents; and thanks to my Aunt Julie, who has been a rock helping them get to the doctor and understanding what he says and asking the right questions; and welcome to the two newest members of our family!!

loss of a favored website

I very often hop on one of my favorite websites “fantasticfiction” when I’m looking up a new author or book. I love that it is really just lists of books, arranged by author and date published, within a series (if it was part of a series). I like that they are up-to-date on when new books are coming out.

But last week I was looking up a book I was thinking of borrowing from the library and a evil spyware attached itself to my computer (and then a friend’s computer) through this site. It was awful and very sticky. It took the tech guy from my department two days to unglue the stupid thing; and he just went ahead and wiped my whole computer to do it.

I was very disappointed. There are weeks when I’ve gone to that site once a day – sometimes more – just to check something: like the extensive list of works by George MacDonald. I mean, wikipedia has some bibliographic lists, but I haven’t yet found a replacement site that is just that simple.


Wicked Sunday

Sunday in California was a beautiful day.

We (my cousins, aunt, grandma and I) caught BART into the city and the Orpheum Theater for a 2pm show and then rushed back out to enjoy my uncle’s grilled to “perfection” red snapper for dinner.

We had a great time and the show was wonderful. I admit I had my doubts about the story, but that was because I’d mistakenly thought the timeline was years before “The Wizard of Oz”, explain how the Witch of the West became “Wicked”.

In reality, the story runs just before “Wizard” and into it, showing that everything was misconstrued: the wizard and someone else wanted the “witch” as a pawn and then used her as a scapegoat. It was really interesting.

And well sung, danced and acted – though I much preferred the solos and duets, to the big numbers.

Great idea Aunt Julie, and thanks for the treat grandma!