new names

I’m so not keeping up with this site. Though I hope I have pics from fishing this weekend.

Until then, my friend Miranda had this site on her blog to find out your hobbit name – there’s also a link to find out your elven name too.

Mine are

hobbit: Tigerlily Gamgee-Took of Bywater

elven: Tari Talrunya

Does anyone know how they figure this stuff?

laboring over highlander… hehehe :)

What a good labor day weekend. Mom, Dad, Andrew and Risa were in WI cooling off at the lake and I stayed in Wentzville to watch the dog and meet with friends.

Peg came out to the house and stayed with me Friday thru Monday and we had a great time. Saturday we met Sonia and Nicole at the Warrenton outlet mall where I proceeded to find too many things at Van Heusen and spent too much, but it was an excellent day.

We laughed so hard we were kinda kick out of Pizza Hut.

Sunday we had church and then went back to the mall. But then we watched Highlander – our favourite.  What a great way to relax!