clean… and refreshing!


I’m on an email newsletter from Method with is a environmentally-friendly company that supplies mostly cleaning products, but there are a few other things as well. There are a few things of theirs I really love like the dryer sheets and the hand soap. I’m very concerned about what gets put down our drains because though individual chemicals might not be harmful, put them together with something else and you get… YUCK! Probably something you don’t want to mess with!

This particular newsletter had a link to a blog-entry by one of the company founders: Adam Lowry. He was invited to D.C. by the Obama-Biden Transition Team to participate in a panel of sustainable business executives discussing the future of green business and a green economy.

This is sooooo refreshing. So reassuring. So positive. So different from the last eight years. Wow a pro-active administration that is trying to help the environment and people at the same time. And not just helping big businesses of friends get bigger, richer and more corrupt.

And this panel happened BEFORE Obama was even inaugerated. They were already putting ideas together that will hopefully benefit everyone.

Yeah, I really think this guy is going to do some good. Though Obama can’t do it all on his own; Congress can still get in the way when they feel like it. Checks (and balances) aren’t bad – unless they are just out of spite.

And I can finally take a deep, refreshing – and hears hoping soon it will be cleaner – breath.