There is nothing like moving to help you want to thin out all the crap that you’ve accumulated over the years. Maybe that’s why I seem to do it every few years…

People that know me pretty well, would be amazed at how ruthless I’ve been in chucking through my book collection. I’ve been selling on ebay, amazon and abebooks like crazy.

I’ve sold smaller items I don’t need on ebay, like extra dishes and games I never play. And bigger things on craigslist like a breadmaker and hiking boots that didn’t work out for me. I’ve even got a bean bag on there right now, waiting for the right person.

I love getting rid of all this junk!

And as they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!”



There was a great program today on “To the Best of our Knowledge”, a radio program I like to listen to on NPR. “Nerds are an easy target for humor in movies and on TV… with their thick black glasses, hopelessly out-of-fashion clothes, and over-enunciated diction. But there’s a dark side to nerds. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll find out how the nerd stereotype is harming our children. Also, we’ll explore a new kind of music called nerdcore hip hop, alias geeksta rap.”

  I really like the section on author Holly Black and the nerdcore music. Though the last section about the  self-professed “War Nerd” I didn’t like. Basically I thought that most of what he said was a waste of time.

Still Holly Black more than made up for it. And I hope that Andrew heard the geeksta rap about Warcraft! That was pretty funny!

Anyone can hear this program on their website  under “Revenge of the Nerds”, which is the program

advancing techonology

… well, for me anyway.

I’ve finally got Internet access at my home. I think this is the first time in like, 7 years or so. I can’t really remember.

I hope that this will help me get my stuff together for grad school and enable me to take some classes from home, so that it won’t interfere with work.

It’s time for a change!

winnowing; chaff from grain

I’ve seen this coming too, but have not been able to say it as well as Michael Spencer in this essay.

Make sure you read the whole thing.

Hello world!

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