house buying

I remember why I didn’t want to do this.

It’s like other types of shopping (which I would rather do through a computer screen), it looks good until you have to pay for it.

The image I usually associate with home buying is from the Cosby Show, when Elvin is signing away his life for the loan of his and Sandra’s first home and his hand is shaking so that he can hardly write.

Well, today – this unusually perfect, 75 degree, day of July – was spent inside taking a local “home buying” class. 9am-1pm (or a little later), with 2 quick 5 minute breaks and 3 speakers: budget/home realities lady, realtor, and lender.

After two hours it was clear this is another form of social and cultural torture – something that we generally all painfully go through; like puberty.

The basics were fine. I’ve heard the realtor schpeel before and gone through the contract. It’s actually pretty simple, though it’s nice to have someone point out the most important things.

“Yes, of course, I need an good inspector.”

Then the lender got up to speak, and it was like listening to Thai. I don’t think I could repeat anything he said. I suspect that I will be reading and rereading the loan specifics about 20 times before I put my name to it. I don’t want it to be difficult. But obviously that’s wishful thinking.

There were a lot of expectactions I used to imagine about buying a house – not the least being, I didn’t think it would be by myself. And all of that’s changed.

While advice from friends and family is wonderful, it’s not given from the same perspective and is not the same as a partner to bounce ideas off of.

I don’t want big or fancy. I want decent efficiency, comfort, quiet and a space for my dog.

I’m trying to remember when this became too much to ask for.


digital TV – good or bad

I’m not the most advanced technology user. I don’t text, or use my phone to access the internet. My computer is adaquet not spectacular. I don’t pay for cable, or satilite.

So when tv went digital, I got a translator and then a basic tv that was digtal ready when my supposed “digital antenna” didn’t really work.

But it appears that the broadcast networks weren’t ready at all. I went from 3 analog stations to 1 digital station… somehow that doesn’t seem to be advancing, but rather regressing.

But the one technology I have advanced on is home internet access. And guess what. It turns out I don’t need tv at all!

Who needs TiVo?

I watch little in the way of tv anyway. I hate reality shows which are really some of the dumbest things ever thought up. And now days I can find most tv shows on the internet anyway. The ones that might be of interest to me – mostly the older ones. 🙂

So if I actually feel like watching tv I can, oddly enough. So far I’ve begun the original Star Trek series and Eureka. It’s taken me 3 months to watch 5 episodes  total. There are too many other things to do and I don’t miss it at all!

So in a weird way, I’ve passed into the next phase of technology – the one where we begin to leave typical tv behind.

Because I’m one of those the tv exec’s lost in this transition and there’s no way I’m paying good money to go back!


slaughter horses

I’m actually not sure about this. Part of me says that if it’s humane… even though I love horses. Over population of any species must be controlled some how… which leads me directly to humans, but that is another argument.

However, the article was right about (1) horse sensitivity. They aren’t as stupid as sheep and cows, and most notice everything around them immediately. (2) at this point, I’m not eating beef that has been pumped with drugs and you can bet any animal that has had a minimal of care will probably be pumped with things you don’t want to consume… yuck!

But mostly, anyone that treats any animal cruelly just to eat it, or because they don’t care, has serious problems.

Being humane most important; that and controlling population if that’s what the “problem” is.

one of the things I don’t get

I read this article and was saddened.

The thing that gets me is the Christians are trying to take the burden of proof for something that isn’t even needed to be proved… it doesn’t even matter. Those that have eyes will see and those that don’t won’t.

Worse, to me, is I see the Christians as limiting God in this case. As Christians we don’t have to pocket God into little corners and make everything fit into our understanding. That’s the whole point. And when we try, we seem foolish, ignorant and unreasonable. And that makes others not want to hear. We don’t have to explain God, people. We just believe in Him; show His love and mercy.

The quote that summed up everything was by the Swedish professor:

Dr. Bengtson noted that to explain how the few species aboard the ark could have diversified to the multitude of animals alive today in only a few thousand years, the museum said simply, “God provided organisms with special tools to change rapidly.”

“Thus in one sentence they admit that evolution is real,” Dr. Bengtson said, “and that they have to invoke magic to explain how it works.”

way too hot!

I’m ready for winter again. Ready for cooling breezes, friendly sunshine – merciless – and not feeling as if I stepped into an oven when I walk outdoors.

Fall is just as good, once the heat has left.

The heat is just so oppressive. I feel as if I should be the bear that hibernates for the summer instead of winter. I could curl up in front of the air conditioner vent and read until the sun and heat’s power has diminished.

Wake me up when it’s over.

Iran and new technological communication revolution

This weekend was the first time I was truly aware of the swiftness and the ability to compel coordination and bravery the new social networking websites and technologies can ignite.

Yes, these things affected the 2008 US election, but it was the Iranian election last week that drove home, to me, how amazing it is to have this lightening-fast connection to information on the other side of the world.

By about 7pm central time last night, I had already seen the heartbreaking “Neda” video via connections from YouTube, Twitter, and Fark. I’m not at all tech savvy, but my brother is much more so and he directed me; but still the video that was “breaking” news this morning, was well known to anyone surfing world news last night.

It’s been mindboggling watching Iranian protesters connect and cooridinate using these techonologies. Including getting the results of their protests out to the rest of the world, from behind the Theocratic Dictatorship of the Iranian government.

I hope that everyone is taking note of what is happening. I cannot help but see that it is very important. And I hope that those struggling against their oppressors, haven’t struggled in vain.

At least I can say this, without any doubt whatsoever:

The rest of us are watching.

And more importantly:

We see.


I’ve always known that I didn’t enjoy commuting long distances to work. (I don’t think many people do.) And it is a major factor in where I choose to live, relative to where I must work.

However, I’ve grown to hate commuting since having a community garden. Abosolutely loathe it.

I have a great time once I’m there. I’m busy gardening and pulling weeds. It’s fall good.

But getting there… well, it’s happening less and less; all because I don’t want to drive across town to get there.

Isn’t that terrible? But I wish sooo much for a tiny plot in my yard verses the giant expanse on the other side of town, just so that I wouldn’t have to drive to get there.