I went home this weekend to spend time with my friends. And it was a great time with both Peggy and Sonia.

We met a church Friday night and spent a long time afterward talking and catching up, which is always fun.

On Saturday I had a few errands – wrapping gifts and picking up a few things for my mother.

I also had to return a shirt to Kohls, so Peg and I bugged up there quickly before planning to go to see IRON MAN 2 – and that’s where we made our mistake. Because not only was there a huge clearance sale, there was also the Mother’s Day sale going on and discounts were substantial.

I found quite a few new shirts for the summer, which was good, because I do need them and I rarely go shopping for much of anything like that.

I was also looking for a gold cross – I’ve been thinking I wanted one, mostly because my brother and sister-in-law bought me a really nice Sterling and Swarovski crystal one and earrings. I’ve been really trying to wear them because it was so nice of them to think of me.

In the past I’ve been pretty bad about remembering to wear my jewelry. But I needed a gold cross to go with some gold earrings that I have – which of course I rarely wear, but am less likely to wear without a different cross because I can’t wear a silver cross with gold earrings – it bothers my head despite the fact that I’ve never really cared before.

There are many things that I am never aware of when it comes to fashions, however, I have to admit I don’t like to wear dark blue shirts with my dark blue jeans – I just can’t. And apparently I don’t like mixing gold and silver jewelry either.

Lucky for me there was a sale!

So I did, in fact, find my gold cross – a pretty brushed 14 k gold with Black Hills gold accents for about $50. But I also found some new earrings to go with my Sterling cross: Sterling hoops that were on sale, also very inexpensively.

But these had diamond chips. Nothing hugely flashy or spectacular, but still diamond chips.

My first diamonds and I bought them for myself.

I met another friend today at a coffeehouse and she teased me about that, but I find it empowering. I’ll buy my own jewelry, thank you very much!

…but, could someone find me a new jewelry box?


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