One of my new favorite shows (which actually started last year) is CASTLE on ABC. It’s about a mystery writer that is “consulting” with the police. Actually he’s just using his pull with the mayor’s office to follow a detective to use her as a model for his new book character.

I really like this show; it’s so much fun and it brings back one of my favorite actors Nathan Fillion, who played Mal in FIREFLY. Another show that I really, really loved: Space cowboys! How could you go wrong?

Last night was the Halloween episode and was pretty fun. Castle even dressed in FIREFLY Mal’s costume; trying out the space-cowboy idea for Halloween. It was great to see that again.

The Halloweed episode centered on vampires, of course. What else is hot this year?

Castle is a murder mystery, so it is always sad, but this series is great with the light-hearted comedy.