Jim Malcom

Last night Scottish folk singer Jim Malcom was in town. I first heard him singing with the group Old Blind Dogs, a scottish group that sings celtic folk, but with jazz, blues and rock influences; a group I love.

And Jim has a beautiful voice. Most people describe it as velvet – and that’s very accurate.

Jim was in town last year and I didn’t go to the concert, but I swore I would go next time he was in town. So I did!


My brother surprised me by going with me. I’ve never noticed that he particularly enjoys celtic music, but he had a good time anyway. I don’t think he’d been to something that small before.

The concert was very small. There were 30-40 people, I guess. And people brought brownies and cookies and things. These small concerts, at least the ones I’ve been too, often have people in the audiences to bring the snackies.

Jim Malcom was very funny and great entertainment. The second half of the show he dressed in 18th century clothes and “played” Robert Burns (both acting and music). He was fantastic!

If ever you hear Jim Malcom is singing someplace near you, you should definately check it out. And buy some cds too!