the kind of waiter they all should be

So, I have to tell this story:

This evening my brother and I went to eat at one of the local spots – it has a burger madness on Sundays, so you can eat a good dinner really cheap. They also have the best veggie burgers ever! And yeah, I know that sounds like an oxymoron.

Anyway, I took Aggie because she was in the truck after I moved a few things to my new (and hopefully temporary) rental. Boone Tavern has an outside eating area and dogs are allowed in there.

Our waiter was a guy that I’ve actually had serve us before and he kindly brought Aggie a giant bowl of ice water. He’s always attentive and very nice.

Anyway, later I was picking Andrew up from his lab and taking another load south to the “ghetto” rental. Andrew was working on a little side project/experiment – a homemade digital antenna, because I haven’t been able to get anything but NBC. (This totally worked, by the way!!! – and it may deserve it’s own post!! Andrew’s so awesome!)

Aggie and I spent a chunk of time playing fetch and when she was tired, stretched out in the grass under a tree. And when Peg called, it turned out to the be the most perfect evening = good food and talk with my brother, fun with the dog, some easy moving, talking with one of my closest friends, and laying mosquito-free on a nice grassy stretch, watching the moon.

And as I was talking, Aggie jumped to her feet as someone walked by and ran up to him… the waiter from the resturant.

We both looked at each other and recognized one another – and he recognized Aggie – laughing at the coincidence. Then he pulled off his backpack, saying (to the equivelant, I don’t have the exact words) “Funny that I see you, because the guy you were with (my brother) left his sunglasses. I was going to bring them back each day until I saw him at the resturant.” And he gives me Andrew’s aviators.

It was sooo weird and yet so cool!

Peggy was laughing on the phone at the situation, and Andrew was awed (and confused for a moment), when I told him the story – it was so odd.

And then Andrew and I went to the rental and his digital antenna worked perfectly! So now we get CBS and ABC, as well as NBC and PBS. A plethora of tv stations!

Crazy how life is sometimes, isn’t it?


4 Responses

  1. Is he cute? Ask him out. I totally would, if I were you. You got Aggie’s permission too.

  2. I guess all the good ones are taken or gay!

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