digital TV – good or bad

I’m not the most advanced technology user. I don’t text, or use my phone to access the internet. My computer is adaquet not spectacular. I don’t pay for cable, or satilite.

So when tv went digital, I got a translator and then a basic tv that was digtal ready when my supposed “digital antenna” didn’t really work.

But it appears that the broadcast networks weren’t ready at all. I went from 3 analog stations to 1 digital station… somehow that doesn’t seem to be advancing, but rather regressing.

But the one technology I have advanced on is home internet access. And guess what. It turns out I don’t need tv at all!

Who needs TiVo?

I watch little in the way of tv anyway. I hate reality shows which are really some of the dumbest things ever thought up. And now days I can find most tv shows on the internet anyway. The ones that might be of interest to me – mostly the older ones. 🙂

So if I actually feel like watching tv I can, oddly enough. So far I’ve begun the original Star Trek series and Eureka. It’s taken me 3 months to watch 5 episodes  total. There are too many other things to do and I don’t miss it at all!

So in a weird way, I’ve passed into the next phase of technology – the one where we begin to leave typical tv behind.

Because I’m one of those the tv exec’s lost in this transition and there’s no way I’m paying good money to go back!



3 Responses

  1. explain to your mom about “junk” chucking, she doesn’t understand that one

  2. I have not watched TV regularly since the spring of 2000 while watching everything I had taped…realized how ‘stupid’ most of it was and didn’t bother picking up my shows when I got back from a trip.

    I have not watched any DVDs in over a week.

    TV is overrated.

    Movies aren’t that good anymore either.

    There are so many other more interesting things to do, to see…
    people to meet and get to know.

    I don’t text, and I do email at the local library…I’ll have it at home when it’s free!


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