one of the things I don’t get

I read this article and was saddened.

The thing that gets me is the Christians are trying to take the burden of proof for something that isn’t even needed to be proved… it doesn’t even matter. Those that have eyes will see and those that don’t won’t.

Worse, to me, is I see the Christians as limiting God in this case. As Christians we don’t have to pocket God into little corners and make everything fit into our understanding. That’s the whole point. And when we try, we seem foolish, ignorant and unreasonable. And that makes others not want to hear. We don’t have to explain God, people. We just believe in Him; show His love and mercy.

The quote that summed up everything was by the Swedish professor:

Dr. Bengtson noted that to explain how the few species aboard the ark could have diversified to the multitude of animals alive today in only a few thousand years, the museum said simply, “God provided organisms with special tools to change rapidly.”

“Thus in one sentence they admit that evolution is real,” Dr. Bengtson said, “and that they have to invoke magic to explain how it works.”


One Response

  1. Love and kindness

    Mercy and forgiveness

    Truth and being authentic

    Why do people make it sooo hard?

    I agree by the way, God draws all hearts to Himself… I think He just likes it when believers in Christ ‘show’ others the way, the path, whatever you would like to call the process… by being truly Christians…
    obeying what the Word says to do.

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