Iran and new technological communication revolution

This weekend was the first time I was truly aware of the swiftness and the ability to compel coordination and bravery the new social networking websites and technologies can ignite.

Yes, these things affected the 2008 US election, but it was the Iranian election last week that drove home, to me, how amazing it is to have this lightening-fast connection to information on the other side of the world.

By about 7pm central time last night, I had already seen the heartbreaking “Neda” video via connections from YouTube, Twitter, and Fark. I’m not at all tech savvy, but my brother is much more so and he directed me; but still the video that was “breaking” news this morning, was well known to anyone surfing world news last night.

It’s been mindboggling watching Iranian protesters connect and cooridinate using these techonologies. Including getting the results of their protests out to the rest of the world, from behind the Theocratic Dictatorship of the Iranian government.

I hope that everyone is taking note of what is happening. I cannot help but see that it is very important. And I hope that those struggling against their oppressors, haven’t struggled in vain.

At least I can say this, without any doubt whatsoever:

The rest of us are watching.

And more importantly:

We see.


poison ivy blues and a warning against Ivy Dry

There’s nothing quite like having to deal with a bad case of poison ivy. It is just not fun.

I thought that my bout would be a small one because I washed really well when I realized what was happening. But I made a big mistake in using a newer poison ivy product.


Beware of this stuff if you react particularly badly to poison ivy. It made my case sooo much worse. In fact, I think it help spread the oils, particularly on my hand – which I have washed and washed, but spraying it with the Ivy Dry, made it swell so that I can’t close the last two fingers on my left hand.

However, I’ve made it through the first week and week 2 is usually better.