old dog

I think that Aggie is showing the first signs of slowing down.

Supposedly she was 2.5 when I got her 3 years ago, but she’s been running full-speed ever since I’ve had her, so it was difficult to tell. But the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that she’s not running as far or as fast as she did, even this past winter.

Not that she’s stopped demanding her twice daily walks… oh no! Those are sacred and if I forget or delay, much snorting and whinning result.

But she’s less likely to complain if a walk is cut short for time’s sake (these days, I have to get to work much earlier, which have shortened our morning walks by at least 20 minutes).

I think that she relies on the fact that we will, in fact, be going out again… and again… and again…


One Response

  1. Lars LITERALLY has new white hairs daily.

    He doesn’t even ask for breakfast most days…
    if that’s not scary enough, he’s taken to sleeping under my car during the day.

    The local wildlife has taken advantage of his sleepiness and are much about these days: squirrels and chipmunks are actually coming up onto the back patio…even with him laying there! Deer and more birds are feeding during the day in the valley…he use to run them off.


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