There was a great program today on “To the Best of our Knowledge”, a radio program I like to listen to on NPR. “Nerds are an easy target for humor in movies and on TV… with their thick black glasses, hopelessly out-of-fashion clothes, and over-enunciated diction. But there’s a dark side to nerds. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll find out how the nerd stereotype is harming our children. Also, we’ll explore a new kind of music called nerdcore hip hop, alias geeksta rap.”

  I really like the section on author Holly Black and the nerdcore music. Though the last section about the  self-professed “War Nerd” I didn’t like. Basically I thought that most of what he said was a waste of time.

Still Holly Black more than made up for it. And I hope that Andrew heard the geeksta rap about Warcraft! That was pretty funny!

Anyone can hear this program on their website  under “Revenge of the Nerds”, which is the program


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