star trek

I went to see Star Trek yesterday. I’m declaring that everyone has to go see it!

It was a great movie. They did such a good job on it, bringing in little tie-ins from the early shows, references to the later shows. And it was funny! My favorite was Montgomery Scott’s run in with Admiral Archer when he transports his beagle whoknowswhere! In fact the movie highlights each character’s strengths and foibles really well.

So now that I’ve seen the new movie, and because I now have internet access at home, I’m going back and watching the original episodes which are available on the CBS website, but I found using Hulu.

I’ve already watched the first one: “The Man Trap”. It was entertaining. I’m trying to view them as someone would have 40 years ago and it’s not that easy. Yeah, the show is hokey, but still fun.