missing members… sort of

Because we went home this weekend, the dogs were all packed up and brought along. Jenner, of course, stayed home. Poor kitty.

I drugged all the dogs with Benadryl. Aggie gets 3 because she 45 lbs, though she’s pretty calm for the most part. Lou’s calm too, but I gave him 1 anyway. Ella’s crazy and despite being only 13 lbs, she got 2 and fought them off the entire way.

When Andrew and I drove back, we were 2 pups less. Lou and Ella are staying with Mom and Dad for a little while. Mom’s got spring break this week, so she’s home with them most of the day.

But I think Aggie’s missing her puppies, or at least her “pack”. She was just standing around last night and seemed a little mopey. At the least, she didn’t know what to do with herself without Lou jumping on her.

It was kinda sad.

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