the case of the biochem thief!

I brought in some oatmeal Monday, so that I’d have breakfast there if I wanted it. Wednesday morning I went to get some and it was all gone! Along with 6 cans of soup and an unopened bag of sourdough pretzels.

I was so mad. Whoever took my food went out of their way to not take the microwavable dry soups and rice (I have 4 left) or the can opener that was sitting on top of the cans, but they hauled more than they could carry in one arm load, unless they bagged it.

I bet some jerk of a grad student pilfered on their way out of the building. I hope the department puts in a camera, as they are thinking about.

The worst part was, I didn’t get any breakfast!

a weekend alone

…if it can be called that.

My brother left this morning to fly to Philly to visit Risa. I’m glad he got to go. It’s got to be hard to be separated as they are right now. He’ll be gone until Monday night.

He left around 3:30am and the pups joined me on my bed. Luckily they went right to sleep. Unluckily, I did not.

I took them to the park with Aggie for our morning romp. I figured there wouldn’t be any people for them to chase. It was sopping wet from the rain last night, but I can deal with that.

Just as we were finishing and had reached the bridge to cross the creek, the army (or marine) boys came running by on the trail. Ella went berserke. Lou too. They totally don’t listen to me when they are chasing feet.

Once I finally got them back to me, they were so happy with themselves – especially Ella. She couldn’t have been more pleased. I’ve got to find a way to get through to them that this is really, really BAD!