opinions vs. solutions

I came into work this Saturday morning to rerun an experiment that hasn’t been working for me. But the thing with research is that there is often alot of down time. I’ve been on this site, and another www.zootoo.com mostly. I was asking some “dog”ish questions, looking for possible solutions to Aggie’s small, wildlife fetish when I realized that while these sites are great for communicating in some ways, in others they aren’t so good. Because when you’re writing all the time, and not in a real conversation with the back and forth, give and take you have to have for a conversation, in essence you’re just stating an opinion… actually, I’m doing it now. Everything can only be a monologue. Even if someone “replies” to you.

I’m not sure it’s very productive.

I asked a question about dog training and got no solutions whatsoever. Just rather useless opinions… well, there were two I remember as being somewhat helpful, out of 25 (so far). The opinions kind of put me in a bad mood, though the two helpful comments weren’t so bad. But then, at these sites we put things out there that others don’t really have a connection to. There’s no way for strangers to have a handle on a given situation.

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