opinions vs. solutions

I came into work this Saturday morning to rerun an experiment that hasn’t been working for me. But the thing with research is that there is often alot of down time. I’ve been on this site, and another www.zootoo.com mostly. I was asking some “dog”ish questions, looking for possible solutions to Aggie’s small, wildlife fetish when I realized that while these sites are great for communicating in some ways, in others they aren’t so good. Because when you’re writing all the time, and not in a real conversation with the back and forth, give and take you have to have for a conversation, in essence you’re just stating an opinion… actually, I’m doing it now. Everything can only be a monologue. Even if someone “replies” to you.

I’m not sure it’s very productive.

I asked a question about dog training and got no solutions whatsoever. Just rather useless opinions… well, there were two I remember as being somewhat helpful, out of 25 (so far). The opinions kind of put me in a bad mood, though the two helpful comments weren’t so bad. But then, at these sites we put things out there that others don’t really have a connection to. There’s no way for strangers to have a handle on a given situation.

down the road

I’ve been hearing this song on the radio stations recently. I found this link on youtube that shows the words as the song is being played. It has a really nice sound to it. I found out it was written by Mac McAnally and sung by him and Kenny Chesney.

Here are the words incase someone doesn’t have sound to hear the actual song, but you should hear it some time. It’s really pleasant. My favorite lines are the ones about “washed in the blood and not just the water”.

“When I was a boy

Four houses down from me
Was a family with an only child
She was the only girl
In this whole world that could make me smile

Down the road
I made up reasons to go
Down the road

Somewhere inside of me
There was something she took a liking to
Well I asked her to marry me
She said she really wanted to

Down the road
To see what life’s gonna hold
Down the road

Her momma wants to know
Am I washed in the blood or just in the water
Her daddy wants to know
If I make enough to take his daughter

Down the road
Before he can let her go
Down the road

Now down the street from here
There’s an engineer with an only son
And our baby girl says
She believes that he is the only one

Down the Road

Her momma wants to know
Is he washed in the blood or just in the water
And I want to know
That he makes enough to take my daughter

Down the Road
When it comes time to go
Down the Road

Down the road
You know I want to help her go
down the road

Down, down, down that road

Down, down, down that road”


Valentine’s Flowers

I’ve been wanting to put this on for a week now . Andrew got me flowers for Valentine’s Day. It was a really sweet brother move – thanks Risa!! v-day-flowers12No really, thank you, Andrew.

I didn’t even have a vase to put them in, so even though I didn’t show it in the picture, they are in an old chemistry bottle. 🙂

bad week… coonskin cap anyone?

It’s not been a good week. Jenner started limping around about the 11th and I took him to the vet on the 13th; she thought maybe a strain. But last week it got worse and swelled up badly. So I had to take him back on Thursday. He has a internal abscess, infection and fever. I admitt to being suspiscious of Ella because she’s taken to stalking him, but now I think that I remember hearing a cat screech one night. When I checked outside there was nothing but Jenner sitting calmly where he normally does, so I didn’t think anything of it. The vet says even a grazing bite can do this, so… antibiotics for two weeks. Antibiotics of which he fights violently (but not viciously, thank goodness) and made him sick this morning.

I can feel the fever and he limps around on three legs – it’s miserable. I want him comfortable. He wants outside so badly, but that’s probably not a good idea.

Aggie fought and killed a raccoon this week too. Wednesday morning we almost made it out of the park before this dsc00685happened. It was a horrific fight. I tried to stop her, but I was too far away when the damage was done. The raccoon was too hurt to survive. Aggie received a bad bite on her nose; which she deserved, except that it looks awful. It’s getting better and she’s oblivious as usual, but she’s back to wearing her bell all the time – this time, to scare of potential prey.

And besides all of these problems, work’s been hell.