adventures in the park

I don’t have any pictures, yet, of all the dogs in the park but I keep meaning to take a camera.

I’m beginning to take Lou and Ella with me to the park in the afternoons, with Aggie. I’ve been hesitant to do it because Ella’s been known not to listen, yet I don’t want to leave her at home by herself. But things have changed recently and she’s been listening.

They both bark like crazy at any thing, but Ella’s not nearly as scared as she was. In fact she runs around at top speed chasing both Lou and Aggie. She’ll jump into bushes or tall grass without a thought. Lou is less likely to leave the main trail, though he will follow either of the girls a short ways. Often he watches from the safety of the trail. Both little dogs come running back to check on me regularly so I’m not worried about them.

They are learning how to socialize with other dogs in the park. They see that neither Aggie or I are scared, and since they haven’t been hurt their confidence is growing. Sometimes I’ll hold one or the other for someone to pet and they’re getting a little better about that as well, though they would prefer not to have a stranger that close.

As Ella gets more confident, she gets closer to the other dogs. The other day a big black lab-mix came running up, so Ella ran behind me. As soon as the lab passed, Ella ran after her – barking, of course. She ran right up behind the lab and into her back legs, going so far to nip them. The lab was completely oblivious. She didn’t even look at Ella, but kept her eyes to the trees where Aggie was. It was so funny!

The running is making a difference; at least, I think so. I’ll have to check with Andrew if he notices anything. After all they’re his dogs, he knows them better than I do.