Risa’s afghan

I’m working on a HUGE blanket for my siser-in-law. Whenever I sit down in front of the tv – so not every day, and tonight is a tv night! – I crochet. Tuesday is NCIS and The Mentalist night. So I’ll be busy crocheting my fingers off. It’s good, because I have plenty of yarn to use up.

risas-blanket1 I hope to get it too her soon. It’s cold in Philly. I’m over halfway done, but I still have to add two more stripes to match the black/grey ones here. It’s a very tight weave and will be VERY warm.


Jenner’s been spending a lot of days on the chair, or in his bed (which happens to be on another chair). He stays off the floor for fear of being overrun by puppies. Lou wants to love on him, but I think Ella would prefer to chase him.

Last night Andrew took the pups to the lab and Jenner enjoyed some play time on the floor. Actually, he kinda went crazy. I need to buy him some new toys and a safer for-pets laser. Lou has stolen and destroyed most of Jenner’s toys – not that they weren’t well on their way; actually they were pretty sad. And I think that Jenner may have gotten a laser in the eye last December which made his eyes water terribly. I immediately stopped using that laser and keep meaning to buy a safer one, maybe a green one. He enjoys chasing the light on occasion.

j-show-me-some-pawAs the days get warmer he’ll probably spend a bit more time outside, but I miss him already. We didn’t get a lot of cuddle time this winter. It hasn’t been cold enough.

It has been entertaining watch him strategize to keep away from the dogs. He waits until they aren’t paying attention to go for the door. And uses the space behind the sofa for safe passage across the living room. Sometimes the dogs see him and go to wait on the other end to see if he’ll come out. Then Andrew and I have to draw them away to give him a chance to reach safety.