Tea drinkers unite!

I love tea.

Hot tea, cold tea. Both in the same day.

I notice that it is often, but not always, the tea drinkers verses the coffee drinkers. And within the tea drinkers it’s those that add “pollutants”, (ie: sugar) and those that do not. (It’s probably the same for coffee drinkers).

I’m of the additives are sacrilege side of the debate. I like to drink tea, not sugar. If I wanted that, I’d drink soda. On occasion I will add creamer (usually soy) to hot tea, but only occasionally and only Twinings’ Lady Grey or Everyday tea.ladygrey

I’m learning to enjoy green tea as well as black, though I much prefer Twinings Jasmine Green Tea to anything else.

I grew up on Bigalow teas. Mostly Constant Comment and Lemon Lift, but these days I’m a big Twinings fan. However my friend Peg brought some others back from her trip to Ireland last summer and I’ve found two new ones I love: Bewely’s Clipper Gold and Robert Roberts’ Luxury Kenyan.  clipper-gold

These are all hot teas. Though most I’ve been known to drink cold as well. This summer I plan to explore som more cold teassq_ft_luxkenyan and we’ll see what I find.