new roommates

Last night my brother officially moved in with the puppies (Lou and Ella, or LouElla). He flew back from Philly, having moved his wife in – she begins work next week, I think – and drove back to Columbia, late last night.

It will be very different having someone else in the house. Not trouble, just different. The sounds and feelings of a house change when you’re sharing space.

Getting out the door was really hard this morning – both times. Before the morning walk I was trying to get the trash out to the corner and Oliver (neighbor’s cat) slipped in, as he always does. The only good thing was that Lou and Ella were in Andrew’s room with the door shut. Otherwise, I’d have never caught him – he’s hard enough to catch as is.

When I got back I had to let Lou out of Andrew’s bedroom before he tore through the door. But that wasn’t a big deal.

But as I was trying to leave for work, I was followed constantly by the Posse. Jenner is all for hiding from them as much as possible, so I have to make sure he’s secure before I feel I can leave them all. Plus I forsee that Runner, the dog that lives upstairs, and LouElla will be having whining/barking/howling wars because they don’t like to be left behind and then they egg each other on.


On the other hand, Lou and Ella are very warm to snuggle with and it’s going to be COLD! tonight…