Philly… here they come

My brain is off today, because yesterday I had to take a day off of work to help my brother and sister-in-law pack the moving truck to get her to Philly. They left this morning. My dad and his neighbor came to help and it went really fast. It always does with Mr. Null around. He’s so fun! Actually, he drove Andrew’s sporty, little Scion to Wentzville and I made sure Andrew got a pic. Afterall, I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen Mr. Null drive a car – it’s always a truck or van.

Risa begins her new job in Philly soon and Andrew will be moving in with me for the rest of the time it takes to finish his PhD. He’s almost done, so it won’t be too long. He’s worked so hard!

But today is Friday and I didn’t want to come to work because my brain said “WEEKEND!”

I have so many crocheting projects all of a sudden, that I want to work on. My fingers are itching to do them instead of other things:

1. Finish Risa’s Philly afghan, since she’ll be cold without Andrew

2. Scarf for a friend that I have to do this week, since I’ll see her next weekend

3. Shawl and an afghan for Mom

4. Finish an afghan for another friend by the end of the semester. She commented on the color of one I started a few years ago, but I ran out of that yarn and haven’t yet finished it, despite finally having the yarn. But she’s graduating soon and I want to get it finished before she leaves!!!

5. Andrew was commenting that I haven’t made one for him yet either. Which, at one point, I started one. But we changed our minds on the yarn and colors. He never chose another pattern, but maybe I should just pick something for him and make it. At the time of the first attempt, I think he was thinking luxurious and masculine – to catch a girl. This was in pre-Risa days. Now, of course, he needs something that says still-very-masculine, but taken.  🙂