Where or where is my cold winter?

I’m trying to study for the GRE. Some of it’s getting in, but some is not.

Because the weather has been abnormally warm recently, I have not been able to sleep well. In the winter, I love to keep the temperature relatively low and snuggle under lots of blankets. And fresh flannel sheets are a kind of heaven to me.

But these past nights I’ve been too hot to sleep even with just a comforter and a sheet (plus a 20 lb. cat), but too cold with just the flannel sheet. It’s beginning to annoy me.

Plus with all this warm weather, the park is a mess – especially in the afternoon. In the early morning, the mud is frozen enough to not cause too many problems walking. But in the afternoon… YUCK! Mud to your ankles and so much sliding, it’s almost skating. And even better, the dog comes home a mess, which she loves to trail inside.

I swear, the first quality I’m looking for in a house, is a mud room!