so much for…

keeping up on the blog. I haven’t looked at this thing in months.

This fall has been rough. I probably should have written all this down as it happened, but “so much for”…

I’d been working the last 4.5 years for one lab at the University of Missouri, Columbia in the biochem department, until the professor ran out of money. The grants he was expecting didn’t come through; so much governmental money has been transfered away from research that everyone is fighting over it.

So I had to find a new position. It was rough. No one contacted me about my applications. And then about half of them were cancelled because of the economic crisis and the University hiring freeze.

I did manage to find another position in the biochem department, which is nice on one hand. I had some recognition with the professor and the other lab members, but difficult on the other, because, I am not a biochemist!! I’m not even a chemist. Biology I understand. But I haven’t even ever taken a biochem class… go figure. I was hoping to go back in toward the subjects I understand better, but I go where they pay me…

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  1. Glad to see you are writing again! Love you.

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