Did anyone see the strange weather around the St. Louis area?

Starting in the morning and continuing during Easter dinner and through all of the afternoon the weather fluxed from blizzard like snow, rain, a sort of light ice and bright sunshine. Do I get to blame global warming?

I had a nice weekend. I managed to finish my online test Saturday morning before driving east. I called Peg because it was her birthday and soon met up with her and some others at SLFC for a monthly Saturday service called Anchors. “For Young Adults ages 18 & Up: Married and single young adults, come enjoy food and time with friends as Pastors Jeff and Patsy share from their hearts and give practical wisdom for authentic Christian living.” It was fun. I’m not used to the LOUD, crowded surroundings any more, but the message was interesting, the food was great, and I got to be with friends.

Easter, besides the strange weather, was pleasant, inside. Four dogs kept us busy at the back door, though. I wish I’d gotten a picture of them all together. Aggie’s so much taller, it sometimes looked like she was herding little black sheep – not that she was trying. Casey, Lou and Ella are all smaller black dogs and better at sitting on laps. Aggie’s more of a guardian, a sentry. And she spent most of the day outside watching the backyard for squirrels.

Mom made an excellent dinner, as usual. Dad’s apple pie was wonderful, and Risa made a cheesecake with a granola crust that I loved… but I guess I was the slacker.  😦


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  1. Easter was awesome! I enjoyed our walk and the weather…regardless of it’s strangeness. Waking up to snow was wonderful, especially since it was the last of the season.

    Anchors has some fun photos on the site.
    I was REALLY glad you came!

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