truck maintenance

Is there anything as depressing as learning you need $700 worth or work done on your vehicle, when you thought you were actually doing well for once?

Last year my dad put new shocks on my truck (I helped!). He was awesome and I actually enjoyed doing the work. I mentioned that he had always seemed cranky when he worked on the cars when I was a kid, which was why I never wanted to help. But he wasn’t so cranky when we did the shocks. He said it was because there was less pressure – it wasn’t his vehicle he was working on, now, so it didn’t matter… thanks, dad. Love you, too!

But I just had my truck checked over and they mentioned that I need a new water pump and the front wheel bearings are bad. About $700 worth of work. I said, I would need to talk to dad first – it’s Easter, I’m going home anyway.

I wasn’t going to say anything to dad until I got home, but I mentioned it to mom and she immediatly handed the phone over to him… we’re back to cranky. :{


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  1. I go tomorrow to an auto-joint near work to find out the damage on my car… hit a pot hole… now I’m wobbling at low speeds so much that it changes my voice when I sing! OUCH.
    Pray there’s not much $ pain… of course I need new tires too. Oh my!

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