behold… the birk


My first official pair of birks. After last summer, I’ve decided to give up bad shoes! I no longer buy any cheapy, make-my-poor-feet-unhappy shoes. Peg, very kindly gave me a pair of birks – a plastic pair, that I wore too much and are currently smelly, but when I bought my first pair today, the guy told me how to fix that. They actually go in the laudry with jeans! Go figure, why I didn’t think of that!

So this has been a week of new shoes. The birks (and maybe some Chacos – I might go back, but I’ll have to think about it) and boots and sneakers from Kohls – New Balance and Everest (waterproof hikers, for next winter). And today I walked downtown on my lunchbreak, with Marie and hit the Birkenstock store. Marie bought Chacos – which were actually on sale, which in turn is the reason I might go back.

I usually have this bad habit of power shopping. I wait until the very last minute, until I can’t stand it any more, then I splurge and get what I need. And I expect it to last! So, I need to stick to better quality.

Now, I need to buy some inserts!


2 Responses

  1. I’m with you on this one. Once you make the switch to high quality, long lasting shoes you never go back.

  2. I love birks and I haven’t worn them in years. They’re too comfy and if you keep em long enough the leather starts molding to fit the contours of your foot perfectly…very nice. Enjoy yours!

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