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This has been interesting to say the least. I’m taking 4 credits this semester for Library Science. One credit/class I finished the first day. All we had to do was read some papers and take the quizes. I did it in one evening.

The other class is more involved, but I don’t have internet access from my home. I do most of it from work, after hours. I tried borrowin my dad’s laptop, but that was so slow I couldn’t handle it. I think the speed of my work connection has made me spoiled.

Then I don’t have the right text book. I bought it on amazon, but from the used section, under the CORRECT edition!!! Only when I got it in the mail, it was the wrong edition. I was so mad, but I needed the book, so I’m dealing. It’s doable on some parts and I’m scavaging info as I can for others. GGGGRRRR! I’m never buying a book that the seller does have a pic of.

And they have this interactive review that they tried. I can’t tell if my computer was having trouble with the sound, or if the heavy accents of the profs were the trouble, or if the profs were moving around the microphone, so that the sound wasn’t consistant. I don’t think I would call it successful, from my view anyway.

Now I’m just trying to get through the semester. I’ll take my first test on Saturday, when I can be pretty sure no one will interrupt me and I can have a solid 90 min. to devot to the computer… I hope I don’t die… 😛


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  1. You will not die.

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