art in bloom – St. Louis, 2008

This weekend I got to go to the St. Louis Art Museum, with Sonia and Peg to see the art in bloom displays. We had a really good time and the arrangements were quite excellent. 🙂 I think my favorite was inspired by John La Farge’s stain glass window of “Hollyhocks” that he did for the Ames house of Boston. I can’t remember who submitted it, but I really liked it. Also one inspired by a Chinese, Northern Song Dynasty, Guanyin from the 11th century.

I wish I had pics, but I don’t.

It was a wonderful girl-day. We went to Llywelyn’s Pub in the Central West End before going to the Art Museum. ** I should mention, right now, that Forest Park in St. Louis is awesome. It is probably my very favorite feature of the whole city. Everything there is wonderful, not to mention mostly free!**   Then we refreshed ourselves with a pastry at La Bonne Bouchee and dinner at a Chinese/Asian bistro, that I think was called Wong’s Wok – just down the street from the French pastry place. It was quite a day for ethnic food.