all the lost puppies…

I like to peruse the local rescue lists on periodically. If a special dog or cat popped out at me, it’s possible that I might get another, but usually I just look. It’s sad, but I like to see what kind of animals are out there – if one seems like they would be a great pet for someone I know, I can send it to them.

Beagles are going to be crowding the pounds/humane societies by summer because of the beagle that won Westminster. They’re especially sad for me because they need special owners that realize they’re loud and stubborn, and follow their noses right into trouble; no matter how cute they are as puppies, they are a lot of work for people not used to pet responsibilities.

There are a few breeds like that, that are particularly needful of attentive owners. It’s a pity that they are often breeds that people buy on whims: border collies, dalmations, beagles, labs, heelers.

My own dog is a really good girl, a red heeler x German Shepherd. But the biggest reason we work well together is that I take her to run in the park twice a day. It keeps her relaxed and she knows by now that she can rely on me to keep our schedule pretty closely. And if it gets close to that park-time and we haven’t gone, she begins to get pushy. She’s a pretty dog, and I got her from the humane society. But I could see how she could be trouble for a family who just saw how striking she is and didn’t realize that she needs – desperately – a lot of exercise to keep her relatively calm. And I don’t even think that she’s an overly active dog. Most dogs need this minimum attention to keep them acting sane.

So if your dog’s always bugging you, take her for a walk – some place she can really stretch her legs. You’ll both be happier.

And, truly, many humane societies do a pretty good job of picking quality animals to offer for adoption. If you need help, ask. There are plenty of people, like me, who are pretty good at picking dogs with the right personalities for the right owners. I’ve always had good luck and never a bad dog.


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  1. Katie,
    This is a great note…I’m glad you wrote it, and I hope a lot of people read it.
    Out here in the ‘country’ we see lot of dogs that are dumped. That’s how we get almost all our pets…
    but we can’t take ’em all in.

    Thanks for encouraging all of us to go on walks more…
    I think it helps us as much as the dog.
    Love you.

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