what is time anyway?

It’s been too long – way too long – since I was on this site. Does a blog stop being a blog if you don’t write?

My lab has moved to a new building and we’re finally settled in and unpacked – you’ve never seen chaos like a research lab trying to move. Professors, by their nature and because money is always tight, are pack-rats. They keep everything that might possibly be used sometime in the future, even if they don’t know what it is. Which is fine, if you don’t care about clutter, or when it’s time to move, pack, and then unpack and find a place for it. That’s when it gets tricky. I had a lot of teasing and sniping to do before extras were tossed or surplused.

And the paper – everywhere. Because  my boss was in South America the week we moved, I had to pack his office. I didn’t know what to keep – I packed everything. And when we got in the new place there was serious purging – there just wasn’t the same amount/same type of space. Less shelves, more counter-space. There’s always give and take. Plus the fact that once you take something apart there’s always those extra pieces that you don’t know where they came from – same principle with moving.

I also began classes for a MA (maybe PhD) in Library Science and Information Technology). This is not your elementary school’s librarian  – I didn’t want that any way. This is unbelievably complex. I had no idea. And I still have alot to work through. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. I can use all I can get.

Finally, the fun stuff! Trout season begins on Saturday!!!! I’m not going right away, but I can’t wait. I LOVE that first excursion of the season. I like the cold. I love going in the middle of the week so that not so many people are around. And I’m determined to learn to fly fish this year!! Look out, TROUT.


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  1. School Nurses are pack rats too…budgets and the state and all…one never knows…


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