This weekend we had an all-too-brief extension of our little pack.

A friend of mine rescued a little white, shepherd-looking puppy from where she’d been dumped on a farm. She’d been on a trail ride with friends and thought the pup might be a nice dog for her son to grow up with. Wrong. It turns out her son wasn’t so enthusiastic… so she was looking to get rid of the pup quickly. One option was to take the pup back to the farm where it probably would have been shot to keep the population down – apparently that’s what they do to female pups on the farm, or something… maybe just that farm.

Anyway my friend knew I’ve been searching for a nice dog for my grandmother. And this dog was just the right size (as long as she didn’t decide to grow too much). About 25-30 lbs, and friendly. Absolutely loves people. Unfortunately she was just too much of a puppy for what I was looking for. It about 2 years she’d probably shape up nicely for Grandma, but until then, she’d be getting into everything.

Once I’d made that decision, I knew she had to go fast or I’d end up with another dog. So I decided to go back to the St. Louis Area and take her to the St. Charles Humane Society, which is a no-kill animal shelter. Even when I got to my parents and called the shelter, it looked like I wouldn’t get her surrendered that day, but Peg encouraged me to call back – twice, actually. And they finally agreed to take her on Sunday. It cost me $50, but at least I know that she’ll be found a good home.

I really felt bad, leaving her there. I still do. That was the 4th time in a week she’d been abandoned, so-to-speak. And being a dog person, I always feel I can give a dog a better home than the next person – which isn’t quite true, but it feels true.

I’m trying hard to remember the things that weren’t so good: 1) Jenner hated having another dog around – the only dog he tolerates as much as Aggie is Lou, my sister-in-law’s pup. {Jenner takes just about anything from Lou = very interesting.} 2) She wasn’t completely housebroken = I washed two of my floor rugs yesterday. 3) she was nocturnal, the two nights I had her – another things that I really, really apreciate about Lou; he sleeps all night. 4)Piper liked to chew on shoes; despite that I still have to wear them. 5) Her name should have been Tanglefoot = she was ALWAYS right there. She had to be next to me, to see me – probably because she’d been abandoned too many times… okay, that’s making me feel bad again.

But Piper was great to have in the park on our walks. Aggie has an extended range, while hunting – which is what she does in the park. Piper stayed with me, only chasing Aggie short distances as she ran around us. Now I’m alone again as I walk the trails.

Piper – actually now named Jordan because the Humane Society already had a Piper – will make a great companion for someone. I hope whoever eventually adopts her, appreciates her good qualities and forgives those that aren’t as redeeming.

This is a reminder that everyone should  adopt a rescue dog once – it’s good for your soul.