Charging my irritation

It’s summer and I don’t watch a lot of tv anyway, but in summer it’s even less. Right now I watch This Week: with George Stephanopoulos and Traveler; both on ABC (though last year I watched mainly CBS). I only have 3 chanels, so it’s not a challenge to not watch TV.

But last night Traveler was on (which I really enjoy. I only hope it ends when the summer does *please, please, please*) and I happened to see a commercial for a Dodge Charger, that got WooHoo! 25 miles to the gallon… big whup!

I’m not much of a car person and I don’t know what all the ins and outs are, but I do know that 20 years ago my family had a Dodge Omni, that had gas mileage in the low 30’s. Of course, comparing a Charger to an Omni is like comparing the Kentucky Derby Winner to the pony ride ponies at the fair – it’s not in the same class.

BUT it’s been 20 years. And there’s a big difference in gas costs. And we all know that paying for gas is basically paying terrorists (which they use to keep attacking us, which gives the government their wars going and makes more money for their big corporate friends) but what can we do? We need the energy. And we really don’t have many good options.

What I don’t get is American car companies that haven’t jumped on the alternative fuel problem and solved it already. What’s happened to American ingenuity and creativity?… what happened to worshiping the almight dollar = if everyone wants to get off oil, to… solar, or hydrogen, or electicity, or whatever!!… don’t you think that everyone is going to have to buy these new vehicles? Every single car and truck out there is going to have to be replaced – talk about a manufacturer’s dream!

I do realize that this is not a little problem – finding an alternative power source – it’s HUGE! But cars and trucks weren’t that great when they first came out, and horses were still preferable for many years. But they made strides forward. We seem to be going backwards, ex: 32miles/gallon ’86 Omni and 25miles/gallon 2008 Charger.

This is pathetic!


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  1. Ditto! I think this a symptom of capitalism-gone-wrong.

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