day light and new movies

Has anyone noticed? the days are getting shorter.

It’s weird because it’s hot as ever in Missouri (though, honestly, it’s been hotter in years past) – summer still has quite a party left in it, before refreshing autumn rescues us. But summer solstice has come and gone and the days are shortening. Though now it’s noticeable on the earlier morning walks Aggie and I take. Each time I get up at 5:30am it stays darker a little longer.

I got to see the new Harry Potter last weekend with Peggy, who came for a short visit. It was really a good movie, though after some thought, I think that it made a difference having read the book. There is so much information, that it’s impossible to cram it all in the movie, so knowing the story is a lot of help – in this movie more than most.

Also, I’m reserving judgment, but so far I DO NOT like the previews for “The Dark is Rising”. This was one of my favorites growning up. It’s the 2nd book in a group of 5 by Susan Cooper, but I felt like someone had read the COOL title and perhaps the back cover to get an idea of what was going on, and then decided to make Will (the main character) a little more like Harry Potter – then made a movie out of it. I read these books every year for a number of years, and they are excellent, but I hate when a big, bad movie company takes a book and changes it so very much. If they completely wrote something else, if they used a different title and a different story – fine! But twisting something new from something treasured is infuriating!!!!!!

That sad “The Sterkharm Handshake” by Susan Price, would be an interesting movie = FREAKY. It’s pretty dark and it would take someone brave not to ruin it for a big, Hollywood movie.