As I was reminded by Peg, the 4th was also a good “Highlander” day. 🙂
Sonia got me hooked on this tv show during college and at the same time Peg was watching it too. When we became such good friends we started watching it together and Sonia too (when Brett’s not around 😛 … ). Peg’s gotten the first 3 seasons as gifts and over the last 5, or so, years we’ve made our way through the first 2. We’re on the 3rd now – and enjoying every second of it.

It’s funny because I mentioned it to Miranda last night when she was helping (actually she did all the hard stuff) me with my hobbit skirt for an upcoming party. And Miranda had the same reaction that most females do when they remember that show – “Duncan McLeod is so hot!”, or something to that effect

And, yes, of course he is – was there any doubt!?!