Pack chaos for the 4th

So, since my brother (Andrew) has been gone for the summer in New Mexico, doing an internship (or whatever) out there with Sandia National Labs, my sister-in-law Risa made plans to visit him out there. She wanted to see him, of course, and talk to professors she might do a post-doc with, if they move out there in a few years.

Of course, I get their dog Lou. Lou’s not bad. He’s a schnoodle, and a puppy (I got a dog purposefully, because puppies have that “dumb”-stage). I call him “Lou the Useless” or “Lou the Helpless” on occasion, but Aggie (my dog) likes him alot. They wrestle and play. She puts up with a lot from him, and does very well. Even Jenner, the cat, puts up with Lou jumping on him and chewing his ears. I don’t know if he’s just a tolerant cat, or he puts up with the “puppiness”

… so Lou stayed with us from last Saturday until today. We’ve had a few… misshaps: he peed on the couch, AFTER I let him outside; ggrrrrrrr! He whines alot. And he stole a few things to chew he shouldn’t have. Still we made it.

What made the week more interesting was that last Sunday my parents’ dog, Casey joined in the pack, until the 4th. Casey, doesn’t really like other dogs, and puppies are kinda annoying to her. She gets along fine with Aggie, but stares at Jenner for hours – which he would much prefer her not to do. He puts up with it, unless she gets too close, then he puffs up and hisses. And she loves to chase him if he breaks for higher ground.

So my new theory is: dogs get dumber in a pack. They forget the things they know and start reacting to emotions and without much thought. Aggie was tramatized each time I yelled at Lou or Casey. She’s such a peacemaker, she just wanted everyone to be happy. Casey does something wrong and she always knows, but she’s testing to see how far she thinks she might get away with it – and she looks either sly or innocent doing it. Lou just looks like, “huh? I don’t understand?!” Like he’s been dropped too many times on his head. Hopefully he’ll grow out of that.

Wednesday the 4th was nice, because I came home with one less dog. All four of us drove just over an hour to Wentzville, but of course Casey stayed with mom and dad, that night and the other two came back with me. And today, Risa should be picking up Lou, so I will once again have a quiet house. Yeah!


3 Responses

  1. WHAT?!?
    Nothin’ about Highlander?!

  2. Maybe if Maggie and I bond, we could get together – Lou, Aggie, and Maggie, for doggie play time. πŸ™‚

  3. sounds like fun – if Lou can come out to play!

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