indigo bunting

indigo bunting
The oppressive midwest summer is just really getting started up and I’m already praying for winter. No matter the temperature outside, I still have to go to a park twice a day, so Aggie and run for an hour. That means I’m out there too.

But I’m keeping an eye on the blackberries (my favorite thing about summer) and looking for other tibits that might get me through the heat and humidity with at least some of my sanity.

The other day I saw an indigo bunting – a small blue bird, with a deeper color than a “blue bird”, and no red breast. I think there are a few pairs in the park I normally walk in, but I know there’s at least one.

I love this little bird, almost more than a blue bird, I think. They’re less well know and fewer people are likely to see them, because they prefer abandoned areas and not subdivisions and such.

I found this on wikipedia: “The Indigo Bunting will migrate during the night, using the stars to direct itself. In captivity, since they cannot migrate, they experience disorientation in April/May and in September/October if they cannot see the stars from their enclosure.”