Much Ado About Nothing

haven’t been on in a long time – since easter, in fact. but my friend sonia gave me a website for my birthday (, that links to this blog and I had to write about. I also got an awesome chair, that I can’t even begin to describe how cool it is, a new Bebo cd, a new Bible in my favorite translation (God’s Word), some fun Trader Joe’s stuff, and two devotionals – all in all, I raked in this weekend. Sonia and Peg are the best…. while I, on the other hand, managed to forget everything in Columbia – including Sonia’s b-day gift. And no, this is not unsual. I always think I’ve got everything and I always forget the most important things – it’s a new tradition I’m starting.

Peg, Sonia, and I met for a girls’ day and “Shakespear in the Park”, an annual, free production in Forest Park. This year was “Much Ado About Nothing”. It was designed in a frontier/western style, but it worked really well.

There were some other friends we met there as well – particularly noteworthy were the Ficks. Lauren set us up in STYLE. Fried chicken, snackies, sparkling cider any utensil you could possibly need on a picnic, and to top it off Merbs’ chocolate coverd strawberries – which I’d never had before, but were magnificent!

A good weekend! It might be enough to get me through the long, hot summer.