estate saleing

i love to go to estate sales in my town – Columbia. There’s a new one every couple of weeks in the spring. My friend, Miranda and I go together, as well as being rummage sale buddies

I love looking at things people have collected. But it’s kinda sad to see all the things that people thought were important in their lifetime being picked over by a group of strangers looking for finds and bargins.

fortunately for me, the fun out weighs the “ick” factor.


aggie vs. the squirrels

aggiewhat do you do when your dog is a cold-hearted killer, but her prey is a tree-climbing rat?

aggie, my dear one, can’t help herself. she sees a squirrel (or a rabbit, or mouse, even deer) she chases it and if she catches it, she kills it. But the thing is, this is not a food urge – she doesn’t eat her kill. She just wants the thrill of the hunt, chase and destruction of a life that was weaker and smaller than her.
on one hand I feel bad. on the other, she’s acting on instinct and it could (by some) be considered a service and pest control. Many people don’t really like squirrels which is her main prey. But some see just a cute little animal that’s killing another cute little animal – quite viciously, too.

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